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Dr. Chang & his team are phenomenal. They’re personable with you & always ecstatic when I come in. I’ve been to many dentist offices in my life & this is the only one that I feel like they give me a step by step breakdown on what they’re doing & why. I always look forward to coming here! Happy to say I found my forever dentist office.

Ryan N.

Honestly, the nicest group of people ever. From the receptionist to the lab assistant. The office was immaculate. And for those who have AHCCCS, no worries, your accepted. They will go the extra to get the insurance to cover as much as possible so you don't have to pay out of pocket. Don't waste your time looking anywhere else. This is the best dentist in Bullhead City.

Rachel M.

I love how personable the staff is. It's like walking in to see people that I am family and friends with. Dr. Chang really cares about my health and is gentle and efficient.


Dr. Chang is such an amazing dentist! Takes his time with you and also takes his time to tell you jokes which I find adorable and comforting especially when you’re about to get some teeth action in but other than that, I definitely recommend this dentistry to all families.

Eve G.

"I was so nervous about going to the dentist after very horrible previous experiences. But as soon as I walked in Dr. Chang walked in and saw how much anxiety I had as I was bawling and sat down and explained step by step what we were doing. He calmed me down and reassured me he would make sure I felt a thing, and he was absolutely correct! I felt nothing. I’ve gotten many good reviews about him through word of mouth and I’m so glad I listened! I would recommend to anyone especially if you have fear like me. He called to check up on me the next day and figured out a plan moving forward that was best for me. Please listen to me when I say you cannot go wrong with this amazing place. Special shout out to Angel who made the financial part easy for me also and worked extra hard to get my schedule in order. Thank you all!!!!"


Dr. Chang is by far the best dentist I've ever had. He's so friendly and funny. He always makes sure I'm informed about what he's doing and making sure I'm okay with it. He makes sure I don't feel any pain during or after my appointments. He always goes above and beyond. He's just the best. Lydia and Denise are also so sweet and kind. I love everyone at the office and always look forward to seeing them.

Pebbles M.

I have been going to Kindred Smiles for almost a year now. And I have to say that this business is a wonderful place, full of smiling and happy people. The employees work well with each other, treating each other like family and are respectful. They are extremely kind and friendly to their customers, caring about them and what they are going through. So if you are looking for a good dentist, Dr. Chang and company is who I recommend.

Emily M.

The staff at Kindred Smiles Family Dental are very kind and show that they care about you!


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